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ENERGISE final results: the ICT-decision making toolkit

ENERGISE focused on the question: “How does the ICT infrastructure of tomorrow look like?” Now, as the final result, the ICT-decision making toolkit is available. The toolkit represents the main outcome of the ENERGISE project. It is based on all the information gathered within this research project.

The decision tool is a comprehensive compilation of existing and feasible solutions for cross-sector co-operation on a European level, all structured according to the same factors and indicators. This enables cross-case analysis of drivers and other assessments. The toolkit’s database consists of almost 60 cases from telco and energy companies. For each of the cases the country-, company- and application-specific factors have been listed to describe the entire cases and the decision outcome in a structured way and allow for structural analysis.

The toolkit is designed to enable companies to make profound decisions: Via case studies it provides the users with necessary information to support their decision-making process in terms of what feasible approaches for their own application cases. Once implemented, the toolkit can help distribution system operators as well as telecommunication companies to cope with the question which ICT-infrastructure should be implemented for specific Smart Grid application cases and point out reference cases from Europe.

Download the toolkit to take a first look into it! We are looking forward to receiving your feedback!

Final ENERGISE dissemination workshop on “Communications Infrastructure Strategies for Smart Grid Applications” held at DG Connect

TÜV Rheinland and WIK GmbH presented the results of the two-year project ENERGISE at the Final Dissemination Workshop, which took place at DG Connect in Brussels on 16th and 17th of March.

Within two days, more than 80 representatives from the telecommunication and energy industry, national regulatory bodies and from all over Europe came as well as numerous members of the European Commission together to discuss the future cooperation modes for providing ICT infrastructure for smart grids.

The workshop offered a unique opportunity for exchange between the energy and telecommunications sectors, which so far have remained mostly separate and developed their respective positions and strategies on smart grids in parallel. Beside the presentation of the ENERGISE ICT-Decision making toolkit, multiple presentations from both sectors showcased examples for intersectoral cooperation and gave insight into strategic considerations, regulation and the Internet of Things.
All presentations of the final workshop are available here.

The final toolkit will be available for download within the next weeks on the ENERGISE website.

Impressions from the Final ENERGISE Dissemination Workshop