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Do you know the future of energy supply?

The prerequisites for infrastructures in the energy market are undergoing a process of transformation. Grid operators, energy utilities, telecommunications companies, government agencies and ministries are facing completely new requirements. How are you dealing with these challenges? How will you have to react? And above all: How are you influencing future developments?

The goal of the ENERGISE project is to bring different stakeholders together from all 28 EU member states and, through a joint dialogue, to answer the central question: “On which communications infrastructures should smart grid developments be based – shared or dedicated infrastructures?”
Until now, energy and telecommunications sectors were usually separate when it came to the development of positions and strategies. ENERGISE wants to close this gap and, together with the participants listed here, provide solutions for a joint infrastructure development.

You can profit from this wealth of network experience

Be a part of this European project, and learn from the other market participants. Exchange information with them on the different forms and regulatory structures in the individual EU countries, and develop efficient smart grid concepts and implementation strategies.

What is the benefit of becoming a stakeholder of ENERGISE?

Use our overview to answer this question and for your own personal classification. As a regulator, telecommunications company, agency or ministry, energy utility, association, equipment provider and manufacturer or grid operator are you interested to participate in ENERGISE?


Regulators are independent agencies that are responsible for regulating the market. They are interested in ensuring that competition in the market is not impaired, and they therefore need information on negative and positive developments. On the one hand, the goal is to promote the development of fast, efficient infrastructures; on the other hand, excessive subsidies must be avoided. In structuring a communications infrastructure for smart grid applications, it is the responsibility of the regulatory agencies to facilitate the best possible interaction in the energy and communications sector.

Regulators profit from ENERGISE by:

  • Exchanging information with other regulatory agencies with similar responsibilities
  • Knowing about possible options for action and their effects
  • Having a better understanding of the situation and strategies of the companies

Agencies and ministries

Agencies and ministries are interested in implementing legal requirements for the smart grid. Like the regulators, they also need knowledge of negative situations within the market, in order to create industry-friendly and consumer-friendly conditions.

Agencies and ministries profit from ENERGISE by:

  • Knowing about possible options for action and their effects
  • Having a better understanding for the situation in the area of infrastructure development


Associations are important multipliers in the ENERGISE project. They make it possible to reach a wide variety of member companies and to pool opinions. On behalf of their members, it is important for associations to understand and help shape the overall political/policy framework. Above all, the current developments in the energy and communications sector play a decisive role in this context.

Associations profit from ENERGISE by:

  • Having direct access to decision makers in agencies and companies
  • Having opportunities to help shape the overall political/policy framework
  • Having a better understanding for the situation in the area of infrastructure development

Grid operators

Grid operators construct and operate the infrastructure for the power networks for energy transmission.

Because of the changing overall conditions in network operations, grid operators are increasingly interested in topics such as smart metering, feed-in management, and demand side management, meaning flexible control of the generation of and demand for electrical energy. Due to the long investment time frames of several decades, reliable frameworks and clear regulatory requirements play a central role.

Grid operators profit from ENERGISE by:

  • Exchanging information with other grid operators facing similar challenges
  • Helping shape regulatory frameworks
  • Having a better understanding of the development of overall regulatory and economic constraints
  • Gaining direct access to approaches to solutions/options for action
  • Exchanging information with a wider range of solution providers (telecommunications companies, manufacturers)

Telecommunications companies

Telecommunications companies construct and operate communications networks and provide communications services. New applications in the smart grid area promise to become a lucrative market in the coming years. In the end, however, only those who have dealt with the requirements and constraints at an early stage will be able to participate.

Telecommunications companies profit from ENERGISE by:

  • Having direct contact with potential customers and decision makers
  • Having a better understanding of the requirements in the smart grid area
  • Being able to help shape the political discussion

Energy utilities

Energy utilities provide consumers with energy in the form of electrical power, gas, or heat. As a result of changing legal constraints, business models for innovative technologies, such as Smart Home, E-Mobility, or Industry 4.0, are becoming more and more interesting to energy utilities – because the need for intelligent communications solutions is rising steadily.

Energy utilities profit from ENERGISE by:

  • Being able to help shape the political discussion
  • Getting new ideas for business sectors

Equipment providers and manufacturers

This group includes equipment providers and manufacturers whose business models are based on the sale and servicing of equipment or solutions for smart grids. For instance, this includes manufacturers of household appliances, but also mobile phone producers and app developers as well as equipment providers for the communications and energy sector.

Equipment providers and manufacturers profit from ENERGISE by:

  • Having contact with potential customers
  • Getting a better understanding of market requirements
  • Helping shape the overall framework for doing business