ENERGISE at University of Wroclaw, Poland

ENERGISE at University WroclawWithin the course of ENERGISE, Daniel Iglhaut was invited by the University of Wroclaw to speak at the “International Symposium on Competitiveness in the Global Knowledge Economy: Business Innovation, Policy, Infrastructure and Societal Dialogue” on 04th  of June about “Key Enabler for European Competitiveness: Energy and Communication Infrastructure”.

In his presentation it was highlighted that  resilient and flexible energy and communication infrastructures are crucial for European competitiveness. After a short theoretical and conceptual introduction, this presentation provided a brief overview of the European regulatory framework for joint infrastructure deployment. Fundamental challenges faced by energy and telecommunication companies were examined. Moreover, different European approaches to cooperative infrastructure deployment were presented. Together with the other speakers an interesting discussion with the numerous present students and professors from economics evolved and Polish-German perspectives on energy infrastructures have been discussed.