2nd Workshop – ENERGISE

The European ENERGISE study is conducting a cost-benefit analysis of various options for establishing ICT infrastructures for smart grids. It focuses on the core question of whether the modern energy systems of the future should be based on own or third-party communication infrastructures.
This question is viable for an extensive deployment of smart grids and smart infrastructures in general. Especially considering the context of the European directive to reduce the cost of deploying high-speed electronic communications networks, the need for joint infrastructure usage and deployment is of rising importance.
Within the 2nd ENERGISE workshop, stakeholders from the telecommunication and energy industry from all over Europe will come together to discuss the future cooperation modes of ICT infrastructure for smart grids among all involved sectors. The workshop will offer a unique opportunity for exchange between the energy and telecommunications sectors, which so far have remained mostly separate and developed their respective positions and strategies on smart grids in parallel. The ENERGISE project was assigned by the European Commission to bridge this apparent gap.

Objectives of the workshop

  • Assess ways in which both sectors may co-operate in future communications infrastructure deployment for smart grids
  • Describe possible scenarios for joint future communications infrastructure deployment
  • Map the processes & needs to overcome the barriers that hinder joint usage of existing infrastructure

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