ENERGISE – ICT-based ENERgy Grid Implementation – Smart and Efficient.

Smart Grid solutions for Europe.

Communications infrastructures of the future.

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How does the ICT infrastructure of tomorrow look like? This is the question that the EU study ENERGISE faces. Together with stakeholders from the EU countries we will find innovative solutions and develop new concepts in order to cope with the challenges of the future. Clean and efficient energy technologies and a modern electricity grid in Europe are just two of many objectives we will have to achieve.


ENERGISE is a research project of the EU Commission to do a cost/benefit analysis for smart grid infrastructure. The focus is on the core question: What should be the basis for the expansion of smart grids, independent proprietary communications networks of the electrical utilities or structures shared by the energy and telecommunications sectors?

What is the goal of this project?

The goal of ENERGISE is to provide an expert tool that can be used in deciding whether to expand the ICT infrastructure in shared or dedicated form. In addition, ENERGISE offers all participating stakeholders a platform for discussion, enabling them to share information on trends and developments in the area of “ICT infrastructure for smart grids.”

Who are the partners of the project?

ENERGISE is an accompanying study in the context of the Horizon 2020 research project of the European Commission. The project is a joint venture of TÜV Rheinland and WIK.

Which stakeholders does ENERGISE bring together?

ENERGISE is aimed at regulators, ministries, and associations, as well as network operators, telecommunications companies, energy utilities, and manufacturers. These stakeholders from 28 EU countries are brought together by ENERGISE in order to discuss the expansion of the infrastructure, to learn from one another, and to develop joint solution.

Survey results available

2nd ENERGISE workshop on “Communications Infrastructure Strategies for Smart Grid Applications”

On the Workshop held on 3rd and 4th March 2016 in Berlin more than 70 high-level stakeholders from the European telecommunications and energy sector discussed the ENERGISE-results and the future cooperation modes of ICT infrastructure for smart grids among all involved sectors. The workshop offered a unique opportunity for exchange between the energy and telecommunications sectors, which so far have remained mostly separate and developed their respective positions and strategies on smart grids in parallel. Both sectors, telecoms and DSOs presented strategic aspects for co-operation and discussed their lessons learnt. In addition, TÜV Rheinland and WIK Consult presented the current results from the first project year. The first comprehensive survey of shared use communications infrastructure for smart grids amongst stakeholders from the telecommunications sector and from the energy sector within the EU is unique in this form. It includes basic evaluation on future development and assessment on use cases and models of cooperation for smart grids from all of the 28 EU Member States.
All presentations from the workshop will also be available in the download section as soon as possible.